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Simple Home Accents To Elevate Your Space

Simple Home Accents To Elevate Your Space


There is great power in simplicity. If you are looking to improve your space without any renovations, simply switching out your home accents can do wonders.

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Mirrors can reflect light, causing it to bounce and brighten the room. One way to do this is to hang a mirror across from a window. Additionally, mirrors create the illusion of more space. Large, full-length mirrors or several strategically placed small mirrors are the most efficient ways to make a room feel bigger. Browse our selection online to find the perfect mirror for your home. 

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Need to fill a blank wall? Statement art is the perfect solution for improving a space. Artwork that speaks to you is a timeless investment to enhance your home. Whether you select surreal, pop art, abstract, nature, digital, or any other style, the art creates a focal point for a room. Not only is the art beautiful to look at — it will create a lasting impression on any guest who visits your home. We have a vast selection of art to browse through to find the piece that speaks to you and your taste. 

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If anything can single-handedly transform a room, it’s a light fixture. Light can be used to draw attention to impressive areas, create height and depth within a space, and set the atmosphere for a room. Not only is the light beneficial for the space, but the fixture's style elevates the room's design. Combining decorative lighting with functional lighting takes your home from ordinary to sophisticated. Whether you are searching for a chandelier, floor lamp, or table lamp, we have a variety of bold options for you. 

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Decor Pieces

Small décor pieces can truly make your space unique. However, it can be easy to get carried away with small knickknacks and pieces that have little meaning or purpose. Take your time in selecting your decor and find pieces that work together to elevate the style of your home. Incorporate pieces that hold personal meaning, showcase your personality, or provide value within your space. We have curated a unique selection of decor items to help you bring a personal touch to your home.

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These simple home accents can transform your space without any renovations. Need some additional assistance? Our team of expert designers are happy to guide you in the selection process and can provide informed recommendations and solutions to almost any home furnishing need. Visit our Austin showroom and find the perfect pieces to elevate your space with simple yet elegant home accents.



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