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5 Tips for Styling Small Spaces

5 Tips for Styling Small Spaces


Select multi-functional furniture. 

When working with a small room, select furniture that can serve multiple purposes. You will only need to make space for one piece of furniture rather than two or three. Depending on the room you’re styling, you can find many multi-functional furniture pieces. Oftentimes, additional storage space is a necessity in small rooms. Opt for furniture with built-in storage space, such as ottomans, cabinetry, side tables, and under-bed storage. 

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Opt for furniture pieces that are visually light. 

Visually light pieces of furniture help the room appear less crowded. Think light and bright when selecting furniture, paint, and decorative items. We recommend glass or acrylic tables and shelves – the transparency allows them to disappear into the background. Opt for simple-style chairs and coffee tables with long legs, which lift the furniture off the floor and help the ground space to appear less crowded.


Don’t overcrowd the room. 

Overcrowding a small room is the quickest way to make it feel even smaller. To avoid this, we recommend selecting a few large pieces of furniture instead of filling the room with various smaller items. Instead, opt for fewer furniture pieces that are multi-functional for the room. Additionally, remove any clutter, knickknacks, and impractical pieces from the room. Remove the smaller objects that don’t serve a purpose or bring you joy. 


Bring light into the room. 

Light plays an important role in how big or small a space feels. When working in a small room, it’s essential to bring in as much natural and artificial light as possible. Place a mirror on a wall opposite a window to reflect natural light. Incorporate decorative and functional artificial light into a room to ensure it is fully illuminated. Wall sconces and pendant lights are sophisticated options that don’t take up any valuable floor space. 

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Take advantage of vertical space.  

Don’t forget the walls. When working with a smaller area, it’s important to utilize all of the room, including the vertical space. Utilize the wall space for free-standing shelves, wall racks and hooks, and hanging mirrors or art. When selecting any built-ins or bookcases, opt for tall pieces instead of wide. Additionally, to elongate a room and give the illusion of more height, hang curtains 2 inches below the ceiling or crown molding. 


Don’t sacrifice style in a small space — use these tips when selecting furniture for a small room. Shop our collection [link] of carefully curated furniture, decor, and lighting. For additional assistance, visit our Austin showroom, where our expert designers will help you find stylish and sophisticated pieces for your home — no matter the size.


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