Great, you have an opinion, in fact yours is the most important opinion. Let us know what you like or dislike and we will keep working until we have something you do like. As Designers we know that your project should reflect your personal taste and personality. It is our job to provide a design plan that reflects you. This process can sometimes take a few attempts but we are committed to getting it right.

This can be tricky because it is sometimes difficult for you to know how much things cost. We work in Design every day and we have a feel for what things cost and can share this in our “discovery process”. As with all purchases, prices vary widely for different levels of quality and embellishment. It is important to think about what you are willing to invest so that effort is not expended on your part designing a project that is too costly. We can create high quality work with almost any budget.

This happens more often that you think. Sometimes when you get exposed to the multitude of options, styles and prices, you become totally confused. Our job is to help you discover what you like. We do this by listening and showing you options.

Order lead times vary by manufacturer but it generally takes about 3 or 4 months to complete a project once the orders are placed. Add time to go though the selection process with your Designer. If you are in need of things quickly, in stock items can be delivered almost immediately. Many customers utilize a combination of in-stock merchandise and special orders to complete their design.

Our prices include many things that others leave out. Included in the price of your purchase is the consultation and selection time from your Designer. This can include one or more visits to your home to assess and confirm the design. In addition all inbound freight, receiving, inspecting, deluxing and storing of your merchandise for up to 90 days is included. We charge a $149 local delivery and installation charge per trip to your house even if it is with an entire houseful of furniture. Follow up service for any problems for one full year after delivery is also included.