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AUSTIN, TX 78757


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Lavaggi’s creative expressions transcend merely static art on walls and ascends to levels of experience which evokes tranquility and peace along with exhilaration and joy. This is art which speaks to the soul. As Lavaggi endeavors to express the intangible spiritual dimension of life, his creative intent through art and jewelry is to express faith, hope and especially love. Without love we are nothing. Yet all that we do with a sincere heart of love will last for all eternity.Lavaggi’s sterling silver jewelry store showcases collections such as beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings and more. Each of these are made from the finest materials along with occasional gold accents and gemstones.
In addition to these jewelry collections, Lavaggi also produces eye-catching artwork on canvas and sculpture. His Artworks are in the collections of numerous music & entertainment notables. Lavaggi Jewelry is featured at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida.
Many of Steven Lavaggi’s artwork and jewelry were inspired by his original piece, Angel of Reconciliation.

"As the Artist of Hope, my creative intent has always been to explore and express the transcendent aspects of God, Life, Eternity and especially the struggle between Light verses Darkness. My desire is to inspire and enlighten people with fresh timely spiritual images that embody timeless messages of faith, hope and especially Love. I create visions like portals or passage ways, for the viewer to enter into, through their eyes, into their minds, to then explore within their hearts and souls. I am attempting to give my viewers a glimpse into the unseen reality which lies beyond our natural perception. In essence a Glimpse of Glory!”



I am inspired by Ancient texts, including the Bible which has inspired many conceptual visions. Prayer and mediation, with the worship experience have given me a deeper view of life, and opened my eyes to see. Music is one of my greatest inspirations. I am fortunate to have many accomplished musicians as friends and collectors. The greatest inspiration is always Love! For me that is what it is all about... How we love the ones God brings to us here on earth. That is what counts!


I have been a painter for 50 years, with my BFA (Painting Major) from the University of Tennessee. I paint on canvas, primarily with acrylic and sometimes oils. My bronze Angels are the main sculpture line. Also there is my extensive inspirational Jewelry line that I've created over the past 20 years. We have seen hundreds of thousands of these symbols acquired and worn, taking my message of Faith, Hope, Love, Reassurance and Reconciliation all over the planet. My jewelry sells in the Dali Museum. What a gratifying legacy!


A very special highlight for me was when I visited with Salvador Dali at his Cadaques, Spain home (1979). It is especially significant now that my Jewelry sells in the Dali Museum!
Another fond memory is of when I was asked by the families that lost loved ones in the Trade Towers on 9/11, to present one of my bronze Angel figurines to the NY Governor George Pataki, along the Potomac shore in Washington, DC.
Another honor was when the centerpiece photograph in the Smithsonian 9/11  Exhibit, was the famous photo of a girl wearing my Angel of Reconciliation Necklace while praying for America in the Union Square Park vigil the night after 9/11. These are a few remarkable memories that I am honored and humbled by.

Hunter Tylo (Entertainers)
Smokey Robinson (Entertainer)
Gail & Chick Corea
Mrs. John McLaughlin
Mrs. George Martin
Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black (Country Western Musician & Actress)
Dennis Weaver (Actor & Environmentalist)
Fred Segal (Fashion Visionary & Humanitarian)
Michael Hammer (Vice President, Oxydental Petroleum Corp.)
Nic DeMarco (Former President, Pierre Cardin)
Donna Summers (Recording Artist)
Gavin & Patti MacLeod (Entertainers)
Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top Guitarist)
Ted Mann (Mann Theatres)
Ben Vereen (Actor/Entertainer)
Chip Davis/Mannheim Steamroller (Composer)
Tony Compola (Spiritual Adviser to President Clinton)
Dr. Fred Adler (Former President, Hughes Aerospace)
Mrs. Adrienne Adler (Owner, Gallerie Adrienne)
Larry & Lauren Thompson (Former Executive Vice President, Herbalife)
Leonard Stern (Television and Movie Producer)
Johnna & Stephen Jones (Arthouse/Austin)
Konrad Marcus (President, Prince Corporation)
Mick and Cynthia Garris (Film Writer/Producer/Director)
Richard Christian Matheson (Author)
Albert Jacobson (President/Founder, Garden of Eatin’)
Rob Lessin (President, Seelect Teas)
Glen Larson (TV Producer)
Rhonda Fleming (Actress)
Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale
Ozzy & Sharon Osborne
Lynn Landon (Michael Landon’s wife)
George Goldberg (Publisher, Faces International Magazine)
John Purdell (Music Producer Motley Crue & Ozzy Osborn)
Joel Tucciarone (Marketing/President, Zoetics)
Pasquale Vericella (Owner, Il Cielo Restaurant)
David & Cynthia Stern (Developer)
Dr. Richard Anderson (Vice President Retired, Gulf Oil)
Connie Sellecca (Actress)
Rudolph Schenker (Recording Artist – “Scorpions”)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Osborn (Recording Artist)
John Michael Talbot (Recording Artist)
Dr. Jack Hayford
Carol Lawrence (Actress / Entertainer)
Zach & Barbara Horowitz
(Universal Music Group – Pres. & Cardiologist / UCLA)
Patrick Reynolds
(Author and Chairman of Foundation for a Smoke Free America)
Andre Crouch (Singer/Song Writer)
Mark and Jo Anne Lono (co-owners, Improv
Dr. Dennis Whaitley (Motivational Speaker)
Tata Vega (Recording Artist)
Jerrill Rice (Indy Car Driver)
Shirley MacLaine (Actress/Entertainer)

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